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Survival from in- or out-of-hospital cardiac arrest remains unacceptably low and is the leading cause of death globally. Yet survival rates can dramatically improve with evidence-based strategies and solutions for improving CPR and resuscitation response. This CE webinar series highlights actionable information that can make a difference to all those involved in resuscitation care, including nurses and respiratory therapists.

New On-Demand
CE Webinar

Roadmap for Improving CPR and
Patient Outcomes


Jennifer Hayes, MSN, RN, CCRN-K

On-Demand Webinars

Using Debriefing Data to Improve
Clinical Outcomes


Heather Wolfe, MD

Data-driven debriefing is a key focus in the review of cardiac arrest response programs in the hospital. In this webinar, we look at one large center’s journey in using data for process improvement. 

Best Practices in Adult
Resuscitation Debriefing 


Fiona Winterbottom

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ochsner Health, Louisiana 

Debriefing provides the opportunity to discuss interactions within the clinical environment to improve performance in the future. Debriefings are categorized by time in relation to the initial event, with “hot” debriefings occurring in the minutes to hours following the event and “cold” debriefings occurring in the days to weeks following an incident. 

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